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Friday, 28 October 2011

Can you feel it?

At TrEnvy Australia we are not your ordinary interior supplier/designer/ fact we pride ourselves on being far from it. Why is it, we find ourselves always looking at our peers, what they have and trying to recreate at TrEnvy we are always happy to step back in time, and even re-invent what has been...rather than what should be now...
Antique,Vintage, Retro, Kitch, Art Deco, 80's...there was so much that was made to last...We are not saying don't buy fact, we too love new decor pieces..but TrEnvy Australia are about finding that equilibrium of old and create that special Trend Envy know when someone walks into your home and they can't help but comment..WHY? Perhaps they are Green with speaks leaps and bounds about you as a artist..the master of your domain! Can you feel it?

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