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Friday, 30 November 2012

TrEnvy Australia Living Collection soon to Debut!

Well peeps it has been along time since we have blogged, so much happens in day to day life that things like our blog fall by the wayside. I know...very sad, you'll be pleased to know we have been very busy creating, designing, sewing and working on our new Living Collection soon to be released at TrEnvy Australia. We have decided to create a line of vintage and new fabric cushion covers. Why? Well we know there are a lot of people who what something a little different without spending a lot of money while still being unique and maintaining style and individuality. So we want to give our viewers a sneak here we go peeps....enjoy. T x

Monday, 9 July 2012

Edwardo the Elephant -TrEnvamp Project...Part 2 The Finale!

So from our last blog Part 1 of Edwardo The Elepant as he has been introduced. So you've seen how he looked originally...well with a real scrubing of our secret TrEnvy weapon we are very please to announce that Edwardo has been TrEnvamped! It is a fantastic TrEnformation..we are very excited as he looks and shines like he should or originally did. Edwardo loved himself so much..he was itching for a photo shoot...So here we go..

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Edwardo the Elephant - TrEnvamp Project..Part 1

We love scouring the shops for exciting pieces that we can clean up or make over.. Either to look like it originally did or to TrEnvamp to something new, chic and totally not what you'd expect. It is with this in mind we bring to you Edwardo the Elephant! Rescued from a shelf of dust, this elephant was stuff up the back of a shelf, perhaps almost never to see the light of day ever again.. We in true TrEnvy style, always checking the backs of shelves, found this delightful Elephant.. Obviously loved with Brasso to death, it was your typical diamond in the rough find.
Cast statue elephant was chosen to come home and experience life again. So firstly it's a case of look at visible signs of neglect.. Way too much BrassoLove as previously stated, this is the obvious. The Brasso build up must have been at least 20 years+! Splatters of old Brasso had accumulated from toothbrush cleaning, on the what would be, a perfect rosewood base. Here is a snap of the newly named Edwardo the Elephant..prior to TrEnvamping.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Chairs.. What do they mean to you?

Chairs..What do they mean to you?
Something tells me there is a huge resurgence in chair make overs of late. You've only got to search Pintrest, Tumblr and the web, to find some of the most amazing and refreshingly re-decorated chairs.
Chairs from over the centuries have had recent make overs, and why not.. We all love a good chair. Chairs are very personal items, like ties and jocks for men and shoes and handbags for women. So it is with that in mind we wanted to have a celebration of chairs.

We do not own any rights to these fabulous photos of beautifully made over chairs,but we salute you. We would love to get in contact with them, to thank them for bringing these chairs back to life.

Monday, 9 April 2012

TrEnvy Australia is studying Interior Design.

Well it has been awhile between blogs as I have been busy moving home and studying Interior Design with the Institute of Interior design. This is a move that I have been keen to do for sometime. I was very excited to receive an 8/10 for my first module, my second module is almost complete and am aiming higher but of course will be happy with a pass. Historical Architecture and it's influences on Australian Architecture is this module...and boy, it is amazing how history really does repeat, sure you look at exteriors of homes but it's not till you are studying or have study certain influences that it begins to take shape..It has opened my eyes to a whole new world and you can't help but notice the historical influences with almost every home. My personal favourites would be the Art Deco and post modernist influences. TrEnvy Australia are very excited to be on a new journey and will be sure to keep you up on how I'm going..One another note our FB pages has now over 128 likers which we are very excited about.
Be sure to check us out if you have time, we look forward to catching up soon. TrEnvy Australia.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

TrEnvy Australia Designer Glass Bowl Giveaway...via FB

Well folks TrEnvy Australia HQ has moved...we are finally in our new abode, and with that we have decided to run a giveaway, drawn on the 2nd of April. They are the original works of TrEnvy Australia in conjunction with MYSIGNS based in the beautiful country town of Boonah. MYSIGNS are vinyl experts and with their help we have created these gorgeous Designer Bowls decorated with an array of different designs, from Skulls, Zodiacs to Jelly Beans.
Pictured below:
Please visit, LIKE & SHARE to enter.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

New products at TrEnvy Australia

New TrEnvy Products that excite the senses...
a little showcase for those who need a little Electic in their lives!

TrEnvy mosaic/patchwork stone Mask Sculpture...

Our latest TrEnvy Large Red Lantern..perfect for Valentines Day.

Simple to create a unique look in any home...

Original TrEnvamped Apollo Retro Table lamp..

Apple Match..the unique way to light candles..

Our resident Wine decanter Dudley...he's waiting for a new home..please adopt him.

Retro Aqua and white serving bowl...perfect for nibbles or fill with shells and starfish..

Our beautiful TrEnvy Crystal bag bowl...simply stunning.

Our personally designed TrEnvy Designer Male/Female Zodiac Glass Bowls..real entertaining bowls.

Our TrEnvy Deco Ceramic Tea Set..unique and very individual.

Our Deco Designed and TrEnvamped of a can play Snow White everyday..

Our TrEnvy Designer RockOut Glass bowl...totally Rocks!

TrEnvy LED Shoelaces...bring the Disco to your life...

All these amazing TrEnvy products are available via our website,

Keep Smi)ing....we are....TrEnvy xo