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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Green with Envy is all about being TrEnvy

Green the colour of TrEnvy Australia

Green is an amazing colour
. In the subtractive color system, it is not a primary colour, but is created out of a mixture of yellow and blue, or yellow and cyan; it is considered one of the additive primary colors. Culturally, green has broad and sometimes contradictory meanings. In some cultures, green symbolizes hope and growth, while in others, it is associated with death, sickness, envy, or the devil.
The most common associations, however, are found in its ties to nature. Green is also associated with regeneration, fertility and rebirth for its connections to nature. Recent political groups have taken on the color as symbol of environmental protection and social justice, and consider themselves part of the Green movement, some naming themselves Green parties. This has led to similar campaigns in advertising, as companies have sold green, or environmentally friendly, products. Green is the go getter of colours and can transform a room to connect with the outdoors. Why not throw a little green in your home...Get TrEnvy...go Green.
Hinted green highlights from furniture and plants.

Green Glass splash back in the kitchen gives a sense of the outdoors inside.

A typical retro combination of green & orange with hints of white.

Green fern hues perfect to tone dark wood furniture and rooms alike.

Open windows to connect the outdoors, in.

Classic 50's style using green accents.
A moss installed coffee table. Very TrEnvy...lush green textures.

A perfect highlight to a somewhat minimal and otherwise sterile room.

TrEnvy Australia would like to thank all the interior designs featured in my blog.  
E & OE

Monday, 15 August 2011

TrEnvy Spring/Summer 2011 Inspiration from Vivienne Westwood Menswear Collection

TrEnvy Australia will take a lead this Spring/Summer 2011 from one of the most inspiring designers of our time, being a Gen X child and studying fashion design in my earlier years, one of many influential women who inspired and still inspire me would be Madame Vivienne Westwood. Her charm and sophistication with her punk/rock manner intrigues me no end. This is one of my most favourite times of the year, Spring/Summer is my favourite seasons..This year Vivienne Westwood has gone African and Olympics launching her Ethical Fashion Africa Collection and World 'MAN' Collection with a recent visit to Kenya, and a catwalk show in Pitti, Florence..Style is always graced with glamorous accents from Westwood, and this collection is no exception. TrEnvy Australia would like to thank Vivienne Westwood for inspiring me through the years. Congratulations on another successful never cease to amaze me. T xo 

Vivienne Westwood in Kenya with a collection of her shoes.

Vivienne Westwood and the famous fashion accents...

Westwood at her ultimate best in Kenya..

Westwood style always overshadows Kenyan Rubbish Dump.

 World 'MAN' Collection with catwalk show in Pitti, Florence..Style is always graced with glamorous accents from Westwood, and this collection is no exception!

Westwood 'MAN' Maxim for this Spring/Summer 2012 as written below by Westwood Team
"The gentleman sportsman is our inspiration. This collection is not only about sportswear but what one could wear to attend the formal ceremonies. Tailoring as always is the core of the collection. This is the look you should wear to the events. Dress up.
You will find references to the games’ iconography throughout the collection. Our athletes are dripping in sweat. They hope to win a medal. Laurel wreaths which were awarded to the victors in ancient Greece remind us that we owe not only the games to the Greeks but our civilization.
After many years, Andreas has agreed to acknowledge his true position as my partner in design. It is important to both of us that his public image should match the reality. He heads the MAN team and I’m very glad to share with him our creative work in fashion."

Westwood Spring/Summer 2012 - very GC style...

Crisp, clean, lines with highlighted bright accessories, blue belt.

Grape perhaps the new black...

Classic English Couture, with a hint of Greek Mythology inspired thongs.

Classic Westwood Menswear with added highlighted red patent loafers

Hip, Westwood style with great Westwood Accents, wristbands and red bling Westwood Logo Necklace

Westwood English Couture keepin it real in Kenya

Westwood Men's Denim in Kenya

Westwood 3 Piece Tailoring to-boot, soft, grey tones always in style.

Those ever famous classic Westwood Fashion Accents!
 Love them, very TrEnvy.

Saturday, 13 August 2011


So among other talents, I too am a fashion designer by trade. This Friday my six year old has a book parade at his school where he has to dress up as someone in a book, yes the choices are wide and varied, but he wanted to go as Where's a father, who am I to say no you can't, sure I could have said're going as Robin Hood, Harry Potter or Peter Pan, but I am an artist first and foremost, so I leave the decisions up to my little man!
WHERE'S WALLY it is we go hunting firstly for fabric, which should have been easy, but guess what....... in winter,  Red and White stripes are not in season...yeh, we can get blue & white, green & white, but finally we find Red and White Stripes, unfortunately not in t-shirt fabric....So today is the day I decided to design and sew up his outfit. Have made his cane walking stick, really today is all about the shirt and it took under 1 and 1/2 hours to finish and am very happy with the outcome...I'm yet to get my River to try it on as he is with his Aunty for the day... but I will show you a few photos on my TrEnvy Design efforts..I really hope he likes it! Will keep you informed. TrEnvy OUT!

Yes, a Champas was called for...Its Sunday afternoon!

The fiished product..just waiting for River to get home so I can hem up the sleeves.

Monday, 8 August 2011

TrEnvy Australia LED Watch Collection

These days we all wear watches well most of us do..especially if we've somewhere to go or somewhere to be.....Or if your someone who likes to be noticed...what we wear can tell someone who we are. Watches are a bit like know what they say  "you can tell a man be the shoes he wears". Well I like to think this goes the same for watches, but this does not only include men..but women too.
Next time your out, have a good look around and see what watches people are wearing. I have sold watches for a living and they have ranged from Swatch watches to brand name solid gold watches.
Watches are a personal thing, so with this in mind TrEnvy Australia has decided it was time to change..look forward, ahead of time if you will, to new and exciting, futuristic designs, LED, TouchScreen, Mobile Phone watches...why not move yourself towards 2020 looks and get TrEnvy around you wrist. Fashion lives for new breeds and designs and your friends will be sure to have wrist Envy when they see a TrEnvy Watch adorned on your wrist.

 TrEnvy Sleek - Red LED Watch
 TrEnvy Sleek Ladies Hana LED Watch
 TrEnvy Sleek Copper - Electric Blue LED Watch
 TrEnvy Phosphor Swarovski Crystal Digital Watch
 TrEnvy Galaxy - Cellphone Watch With Video Camera + Media Player
 TrEnvy Golden Blue Squared LED Slimline Watch

 TrEnvy SB - Steel Brace LED Watch
TrEnvy Sapphire Ring LED Touchscreen Watch

So visit TrEnvy Australia to get the latest and most futuristic watches Australia has on offer.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Art Deco Circular Mirror

So last week I found a gorgeous Art Deco Circular Mirror, and even though it is imperfect I bought it. Things that have a little wear and tear and show signs of age I think adds that extra character. My idea is to enhance it a little and turn it into something even better..I'll call it my work in progress.... Here is a photo below of the Mirror as a before shot. (and yes my book coffee table).

So for me circles can create a perfect balance and harmony, there's something very zen about circles... so combine Circles and Mirror, and you have an altogether perfect peaceful and continual combo in the home, circles were used widely in the 1930's Art Deco period. 
Very TrEnvy....why not go circular from time to'll feel better for it!

Here you can see the use of the reflection of the Circular Mirror to show reflections within this store...adds so much more character...don't you think?

Here you can see the use of a Circular mirror in this beautiful Art Deco inspired bedroom, it creates an open and spacious feel to any room.

I will be sure to keep you up to date on how my new work in progress is going... Keep the world turning go Circular xoxo

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

TrEnvy Eco cardboard Speakers

Today I am feeling very excited....why you ask??? Well, I walk in to the newsagents and purchase the June UK Edition of ELLE Decoration magazine...celebrating 21 years of Style the latest Vogue Living Australia doesn't come out till tomoz...anyway with excitement I get home and start peeling thru in my usual fashion..(anything that catches my eyes I stop and look closer and read with enthusiasm.. My 6 year old son River decides he too wants to join in on the perusal of this issue of UK ELLE, he takes the magazine from my hands, places it in his lap and starts breezing thru the pages, while I tell him to be careful of dog ears (my pet hate with a new magazine), suddenly I yell "Stop!"
With a huge grin of happiness, I tell him " Daddy sells these" while pointing to the TrEnvy Eco Cardboard Speakers....yes at this point I have a grin from ear to ear. River says to me..." your an artist daddy" although he thinks I make them I alas am just a humble supplier but totally proud as punch that the TrEnvy Eco Speakers made it in the ELLE decoration magazine and half way across the globe at that! So I would like to thank ELLE for recognising an ecological and unusual design in the TrEnvy Eco Speakers.
TrEnvy Eco Speakers: Entirely made of cardboard, TrEnvy Eco speakers are unique in that they're decibel-capped. That means no matter how high you turn the volume up, the sound output never gets louder than library conversation level. Perfect for office or workspace environments where low volume audio is conducive to productivity while high volumes cause distraction and disruption.

Just plug the speaker wire in and press play. Perfect for ipods, iPhone 4 and more. Perfect gift idea for children, they can draw or paint on them in all the colours of the rainbow.

TrEnvy Eco Cardboard is a different type of desktop speaker for a different breed of company or person. The kind of company or person that's driven to do great things in order to make the world a truly better place. Lending itself perfectly to such an environment. Flat pack design, you make up colour, paint, decorate and their ready to plug in and play. Lend yourself to art and design the TrEnvy Australia way.


My initial shock of seeing the TrEnvy Eco Speakers

The close up of the TrEnvy Eco innovative in design.

TrEnvy Eco Speakers (top left hand corner)

TrEnvy Eco Speakers in flat pack format...great for the kids to paint on!

The TrEnvy Australia Eco Speakers...who knew cardboard could be sooo cool!