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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

TrEnvyAustraliaInteriorFiles 1 - When you think Country Interior....what does it mean to you?? Chicken Wire & Hessian??

Welcome to our new TrEnvyAustraliaInteriorFiles, we want to over the next coming months give you, our readers inspirational ideas when it comes to all things interiors, so we thought we would start with Country Interior Inspiration. 
When we think Country Interiors we think 2 things...Chicken Wire & Hessian..obviously it evokes different meanings to different people, sure there is the new 21st Century Country interiors like shabby chic, French provincial style, but traditionally in Australia, Chicken Wire and Hessian have been used for decades and are still being used with renewed vigour. So we wanted to bring you a few of our favourite sourced pictures, *we do not own these pictures and do not take credit for any of these* 
but inspiration comes in all forms and that is what we want to bring to you all tonight. 
We think Country Interiors should always include a little Chicken Wire and Hessian together or separate, even fusion and we hope you agree..

Chicken Wire used in Country Interiors at a glance..for inspiration, by TrEnvy Australia.

The first couple of images are the classic use of Chicken wire in the doors of Vintage Cupboards...

All classic Country looks and extremely easy DIY projects.

Chicken Wire is cheap and affordable so it's perfect for those DIY projects to give your Country Interior that something unique and individual, it can be painted or it can be rusted, either way it creates that classic, simple and elegant Country charm.

Basket, Cloches, Lamps and more... Functional and affordable...just think outside the box.

Painted white or another colour, chicken wire can be given a new lease of life.

Chicken Wire baskets are perfect for storage and again, are very functional items.

Chicken Wire Cloches have a range of different uses in a Country home and add that unique country charm. New, painted or rusty each and or all can be used inside or outside your country home.

Use Chicken Wire for lamp shades or candle holders, the limits are boundless, let your imagination run wild..

A great use of Chicken wire used with all these gorgeous and functional items for the country home.

But let's not forget the all original Hessian, traditionally Hessian was an easily obtainable and sustainable product, used for most groceries back in the day, the old Hessian Sack as it is known best   was a readily available product, so it is easy to understand why it was used, and is now used in most Country Interiors, new manufacturing techniques and fibres have been applied to make new finely woven Hessian blends which are perfect to use as curtains or upholstery, but the traditional Hessian still remains and reflects decades gone by, with new inspirational designs and concepts this fabric we think is still a staple for any Country Interior.

Hessian Sacks repurposed, used as a light cushions for side chairs or couches.

Some designers breed new life to Hessian 

Hessian can be be used in many ways to create that Country Chic and we mean Country Chic, not Shabby Chic. 

New Hessian Blends, available from most good fabric stores..Hessian Hemp blends, Hessian Linen Blends and more..

Now a combination of both can be the ultimate in Country Interiors we think..

We hope you have enjoyed our little country inspiration interior insight of Chicken Wire and Hessian, again these are just own opinions expressed on Country Interiors, we have scoured the web for inspirational pictures to bring to you, if you own these photos and would like them taken down or you would like us to recognise your business or company please don't hesitate to email us, we are more than happy to add links, recognition or take down if necessary.
We look forward to our next instalment of the TrEnvyAustraliaInteriorFiles.
Until then take care fellow TrEnvites.