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Saturday, 3 December 2011

TrEnvy Christmas Tree Decorations..Deconstructed! PART 3 we are. Part 3 of TrEnvy Australia's Christmas Tree Decorations...deconstructed. We finished Part 2 with me attaching all the mushroom head tops to the bases with the hot glue gun. And yes this carried on for 2 nights..but the out come was fantastic. I was so happy with the finished little Whimsical Mushrooms..let's take another look.. a refresher if you will.

Yes my finished little mushrooms all upside down and ready for attaching the green painted mini pegs.
I was getting close to the finish line now and with all the green pegs painted, and the Moss ready to go it was another couple of late nights with my friendly hot glue gun.
The first one was obviously the most important, why? Well firstly if it was too heavy it was not going to sit well at all on the tree...secondly...if they didn't fit on the mini pegs..then I was going to have no Whimsical Christmas Tree at all...My whole theme for Xmas would be my month had been riding on I went to work with my glue gun and moss.....
All that worry and doubt for nothing...they of course were absolutely's funny, as a designer and artist, you always have this little voice or self doubt. I don't think I've ever met another artist/designer that doesn't feel the same way. Yet we are who we are for the reason that deep inside we know that what we imagine, 9 times out of perfectly...its just that tiny little feeling (which can be in reality a huge feeling of failure). But not this time..this time like the last project works to a T. That being a TrEnvy T.

The Moss definitely made these..I'm so glad I waited for it to arrive.

So that completes the deconstruction of the TrEnvy Australia Whimsical Mushroom Christmas Tree Decorations... I hope you have enjoyed...and yes Part 4 will be the complete TrEnvy Australia HQ Christmas Decorated Profile..until then stay safe and theme up for your truly is worth it.