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Monday, 9 July 2012

Edwardo the Elephant -TrEnvamp Project...Part 2 The Finale!

So from our last blog Part 1 of Edwardo The Elepant as he has been introduced. So you've seen how he looked originally...well with a real scrubing of our secret TrEnvy weapon we are very please to announce that Edwardo has been TrEnvamped! It is a fantastic TrEnformation..we are very excited as he looks and shines like he should or originally did. Edwardo loved himself so much..he was itching for a photo shoot...So here we go..

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Edwardo the Elephant - TrEnvamp Project..Part 1

We love scouring the shops for exciting pieces that we can clean up or make over.. Either to look like it originally did or to TrEnvamp to something new, chic and totally not what you'd expect. It is with this in mind we bring to you Edwardo the Elephant! Rescued from a shelf of dust, this elephant was stuff up the back of a shelf, perhaps almost never to see the light of day ever again.. We in true TrEnvy style, always checking the backs of shelves, found this delightful Elephant.. Obviously loved with Brasso to death, it was your typical diamond in the rough find.
Cast statue elephant was chosen to come home and experience life again. So firstly it's a case of look at visible signs of neglect.. Way too much BrassoLove as previously stated, this is the obvious. The Brasso build up must have been at least 20 years+! Splatters of old Brasso had accumulated from toothbrush cleaning, on the what would be, a perfect rosewood base. Here is a snap of the newly named Edwardo the Elephant..prior to TrEnvamping.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Chairs.. What do they mean to you?

Chairs..What do they mean to you?
Something tells me there is a huge resurgence in chair make overs of late. You've only got to search Pintrest, Tumblr and the web, to find some of the most amazing and refreshingly re-decorated chairs.
Chairs from over the centuries have had recent make overs, and why not.. We all love a good chair. Chairs are very personal items, like ties and jocks for men and shoes and handbags for women. So it is with that in mind we wanted to have a celebration of chairs.

We do not own any rights to these fabulous photos of beautifully made over chairs,but we salute you. We would love to get in contact with them, to thank them for bringing these chairs back to life.