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Saturday, 10 August 2013

nettle+fin...our latest Textile designer loves at TrEnvy Australia

TrEnvyAustraliaSundayArts is on..and today we wanted to introduce you all to our latest liking...Textile designers nettle+fin, their latest look is highly publicised and we are very excited about it. Spring/Summer is shaping up to be filled with gorgeous colourings and loads of Ocean Botanic's. Longtime friends Kate (who studied marine biology, and later travelled to study the reefs of Hawaii) & Molly (who studied graphic design) have joined and combined both their passions to create this truly magnificent and colourfully printed 100% Eco Linen collection, adorned with blown up microscopic algae's and seaweed amongst other unique sea plants, native to both the Indian & Pacific Ocean. 
One of Kate's friends, Peter,  who had for years been cataloguing both large and small sea life from the warm waters of the Hawaiian Archipelago also helped to create this unique and exciting Textile Collection. Together their colour palette brings to life the essence of the Sea, Reefs and Underwater plant life a of the Hawaiian Archipelago. 
This creative team have brought a new sense of life, crispness and design to the world of Interior Textiles.  We love the look and thank you for doing so nettle+fin.

This is TrEnvyTropicalLove at its best!

         nettle+fin Textiles

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