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Saturday, 13 August 2011


So among other talents, I too am a fashion designer by trade. This Friday my six year old has a book parade at his school where he has to dress up as someone in a book, yes the choices are wide and varied, but he wanted to go as Where's a father, who am I to say no you can't, sure I could have said're going as Robin Hood, Harry Potter or Peter Pan, but I am an artist first and foremost, so I leave the decisions up to my little man!
WHERE'S WALLY it is we go hunting firstly for fabric, which should have been easy, but guess what....... in winter,  Red and White stripes are not in season...yeh, we can get blue & white, green & white, but finally we find Red and White Stripes, unfortunately not in t-shirt fabric....So today is the day I decided to design and sew up his outfit. Have made his cane walking stick, really today is all about the shirt and it took under 1 and 1/2 hours to finish and am very happy with the outcome...I'm yet to get my River to try it on as he is with his Aunty for the day... but I will show you a few photos on my TrEnvy Design efforts..I really hope he likes it! Will keep you informed. TrEnvy OUT!

Yes, a Champas was called for...Its Sunday afternoon!

The fiished product..just waiting for River to get home so I can hem up the sleeves.

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