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Monday, 8 August 2011

TrEnvy Australia LED Watch Collection

These days we all wear watches well most of us do..especially if we've somewhere to go or somewhere to be.....Or if your someone who likes to be noticed...what we wear can tell someone who we are. Watches are a bit like know what they say  "you can tell a man be the shoes he wears". Well I like to think this goes the same for watches, but this does not only include men..but women too.
Next time your out, have a good look around and see what watches people are wearing. I have sold watches for a living and they have ranged from Swatch watches to brand name solid gold watches.
Watches are a personal thing, so with this in mind TrEnvy Australia has decided it was time to change..look forward, ahead of time if you will, to new and exciting, futuristic designs, LED, TouchScreen, Mobile Phone watches...why not move yourself towards 2020 looks and get TrEnvy around you wrist. Fashion lives for new breeds and designs and your friends will be sure to have wrist Envy when they see a TrEnvy Watch adorned on your wrist.

 TrEnvy Sleek - Red LED Watch
 TrEnvy Sleek Ladies Hana LED Watch
 TrEnvy Sleek Copper - Electric Blue LED Watch
 TrEnvy Phosphor Swarovski Crystal Digital Watch
 TrEnvy Galaxy - Cellphone Watch With Video Camera + Media Player
 TrEnvy Golden Blue Squared LED Slimline Watch

 TrEnvy SB - Steel Brace LED Watch
TrEnvy Sapphire Ring LED Touchscreen Watch

So visit TrEnvy Australia to get the latest and most futuristic watches Australia has on offer.

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