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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

TrEnvy Eco cardboard Speakers

Today I am feeling very excited....why you ask??? Well, I walk in to the newsagents and purchase the June UK Edition of ELLE Decoration magazine...celebrating 21 years of Style the latest Vogue Living Australia doesn't come out till tomoz...anyway with excitement I get home and start peeling thru in my usual fashion..(anything that catches my eyes I stop and look closer and read with enthusiasm.. My 6 year old son River decides he too wants to join in on the perusal of this issue of UK ELLE, he takes the magazine from my hands, places it in his lap and starts breezing thru the pages, while I tell him to be careful of dog ears (my pet hate with a new magazine), suddenly I yell "Stop!"
With a huge grin of happiness, I tell him " Daddy sells these" while pointing to the TrEnvy Eco Cardboard Speakers....yes at this point I have a grin from ear to ear. River says to me..." your an artist daddy" although he thinks I make them I alas am just a humble supplier but totally proud as punch that the TrEnvy Eco Speakers made it in the ELLE decoration magazine and half way across the globe at that! So I would like to thank ELLE for recognising an ecological and unusual design in the TrEnvy Eco Speakers.
TrEnvy Eco Speakers: Entirely made of cardboard, TrEnvy Eco speakers are unique in that they're decibel-capped. That means no matter how high you turn the volume up, the sound output never gets louder than library conversation level. Perfect for office or workspace environments where low volume audio is conducive to productivity while high volumes cause distraction and disruption.

Just plug the speaker wire in and press play. Perfect for ipods, iPhone 4 and more. Perfect gift idea for children, they can draw or paint on them in all the colours of the rainbow.

TrEnvy Eco Cardboard is a different type of desktop speaker for a different breed of company or person. The kind of company or person that's driven to do great things in order to make the world a truly better place. Lending itself perfectly to such an environment. Flat pack design, you make up colour, paint, decorate and their ready to plug in and play. Lend yourself to art and design the TrEnvy Australia way.


My initial shock of seeing the TrEnvy Eco Speakers

The close up of the TrEnvy Eco innovative in design.

TrEnvy Eco Speakers (top left hand corner)

TrEnvy Eco Speakers in flat pack format...great for the kids to paint on!

The TrEnvy Australia Eco Speakers...who knew cardboard could be sooo cool!

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