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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

TrEnvy Australia Christmas Tree Decorations...Deconstructed PART 2

Well with the first instalment Part 1 complete we shall continue with Part at this stage our Whimsical Mushrooms have been handmade and painted and glossed to finish.

Gloss having been applied, white foaming look, disappears when dried.

So again waiting time for a couple of days just to make sure the gloss hardens.
Now that both the tops and the bases were completed it was then a matter of deciding how to hang them on the Xmas tree..again ideas run through my head (this is normal for me, especially when I'm about to go to sleep) so I decided on clips, but what sort...sheesh these dilemmas just keep on happening.
So after much consideration I decide on wooden pegs to be precise.

So my darlin better half who is always supportive of my Xmas quests buys me a bag of miniature wooden pegs, plain wood, so I start to paint these green to be hidden amongst the tree.

The artist in progress....

The finished green pegs...much better.
With the clips all organised, many late nights with loads of Merlot and Shiraz to help along the way, I was happy to have progressed this far. It was coming along just as I had planned.
The next day I went to my local florist and ordered a bag of Moss..this was to take longer to arrive than expected, but it did eventually turn up...all the way from Sydney no less. (this will be explained later).
Once the Moss arrived, a couple days later, I was ready to pull out my trusty friend...The Heat Gun!
This was where all my design and handicrafts came to fruition in their entirety. 
So with a few Champas under my belt I was ready, ready to glue like I'd never glued before..actually I lie, I have once before glued like my life depended on it..back in my fashion design days, but that is another story for another time.
So here we of the construction of the TrEnvy Whimsical Mushrooms.

My bag of lush and green.. and real too, just dried and painted for affect.

Every artist needs a Champas to award a project. The gluing had begun and went well too.

My little mushrooms coming together really well.

So this continues for 2 nights....
Part 3 will be the finished product..but till then.. goodnight all. TeePs CEO TrEnvy Australia.


  1. Hey T ... what did you make them out of ... or cant you give your sis the secret ... they look fantastic xx

  2. Flour dough Niki, no Part1 for recipe. They do look good though...