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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

TrEnvy Dining Table & Furniture get a makeover...

So I am on school holidays for 2 weeks with my son and although we have had loads to do I can't help myself but give myself new projects...this one a major the dining room furniture a huge make over...firstly it really was my cup of tea originally so when my son River was born I thought I'd do a little makeover by giving the seats a different colour to keep him happy...but he is 6 now and it's time to get it to how I originally pictured it... here's a few pictures of the before upon recovering the don't laugh! I know you can't help but laugh...but wait till you see the finished product of what TrEnvy Australia can do.... in the pictures it shows only 4 chairs but there are 6 chairs and table...I've decided to go Black Satin..yes gloss...that will come with the fabric to adorn the chairs. I suppose the colour would be fine if you lived on the beach, excluding the fabric colour scheme, but our son was 2 when I originally recovered and it was the first time I had recovered anything.....

So for this mottled green colour to Black Satin...I have yet to finish but will keep all updated to the finished far so good. Today the 27th September was quite windy and it appeared it was going to rain I only got 2 chairs done I'm hoping tomoz will be a better day to get more done... here's hoping.

First coat of Black Satin

The chairs already start to look so different...Love them yeh?
Then later on in the afternoon my better half Mel and I along with my son River decide to go fabric hunting...which I think was a huge success..although I decided on swatches of various kinds if gave me an idea of which way I wanted to go..I am lovin the muted satins...I think there is much more elegance to them and will suit our needs thru the year. Would love to know what you think..please post comments..will keep you updated on the TrEnvy Australia proceedings...Bye for now. TeePs

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