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Sunday, 25 September 2011

TrEnvy Australia 80's Cube Coffee Table Makeover

So TrEnvy Australia has been busy over the last week re-modelling and giving makeovers to bought pieces for the TrEnvy Australia website. The first was this 80's Cube Coffee table, when I bought the chrome corner pieces were badly pitted and discoloured, the overall look was not to bad but with some elbow grease and a little love I knew I could bring it back to life..

Pulled the table to pieces and noticing the wood pieces weren't in bad condition I thought it best to start on the Chromed plastic corner can see the greening, pitted spots that need to be removed.
I use my secret agent together with good old elbow grease and quickly notice how amazing they come up!

Easy 80's construction....

WOW...they look almost brand new! So I still deciding what colour to paint the wood I thought I'd just connect the pieces back up and wait till I've made my decision on colour.

Looks amazing...those corners shine like new.

The chromes sparkles under the flash of the camera... I'm now thinking Red Gloss maybe just what the Doctor ordered...a perfect Xmas table perhaps..keep you posted...

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