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Friday, 9 September 2011

Trenvy Australia meets Plumeria Coastal Home to create PlumeriaEnvy

It's amazing to be able to present and inspire you for Spring/Summer decor 2011-12.
TrEnvy Australia CEO and Designer meets fellow Designer-Decorator and longtime friend and owner of Australia's most prestigious Coastal Home Decor website owner Sammy Jo from Plumeria Coastal Home.
TrEnvy Australia asked Plumeria to join in a tour de force of Vintage/Retro meets Luxe Coastal to create PlumeriaEnvy..

PlumeriaEnvy Photo Shoot September 2011
 TrEnvy Australia White Ceramic Bowl with Shells from Plumeria Coastal Home add a candle to create a beautiful centre piece of Coastal Retro Chic

 White Starfish and mix of Shells from Plumeria Coastal Home

 The Lonely Red Starfish mixed with shells will create a vibrancy to any room.

Dreaming of Starfish and Shells....visit

TrEnvy adds a moon shaped spoon made from Coconut Shell to add
another element of Coastal style.

The Lonely Red Starfish somehow managed to escape the photo shoot....

Candles are always great to create warmth to the cool crispness of Coastal beauty...
Plumeria has a beautiful range of scented candles too.

TrEnvy Tillansia's added to the an already beautiful coastal display, there's something about mixing organics....LUXE!

 TrEnvy Designer Glass Bowl with a mix of Shells,Starfish and Candle to create PlumeriaEnvy....

Vintage Australian Cigar box circa 1905 filled with Plumeria Shells and Starfish...this creates a somewhat British Colonial Style.

Hand carved Spanish Cedar Vintage Cigar box circa 1900 from TrEnvy Australia combined with the gorgeous array of shells and starfish from Plumeria Coastal Home.

TrEnvy Australia would like to thank Plumeria Coastal Home
If you think you need some Luxe Coastal in your life then please visit...
here are a few more pictures supplied by Plumeria Coastal Home to give you an idea of just how beautiful their exclusive and imported coastal decor is...

TrEnvy Australia luurve Plumeria Coastal Home, and we hope you do can even like them on Facebook... 

Thank you again Plumeria Coastal Home xoxo 

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