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Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Beautiful TeePs

Well My Beautiful Frame starts about 6 months ago..I walked into my local picking store..and hanging on the wall, was my beautiful frame. The pastel was of an elderly woman signed D.Fuller 82. Really not my cuppa all. But the frame it was in, caught my TrEnvy eye immediately. An original late 70's Gold Bamboo look frame..
Well I didn't have enough money on me at the time to purchase it. So I went home and forgot about you do when you have so much going on in your life. Well, I venture again for a pick at Xmas time..and My Beautiful Frame was still there, with that awful pastel in it, hanging exactly in the same spot..collecting more dust.
The price was too high to pay just for My Beatiful Frame. So, I ask the manger if she'll lower the price and explain my conundrum re the awful pastel in it..But alas, no budging on the fact the price was high for the potrait..My Beautiful Frame didn't come into the price. Left a little disgrunted thay day, it was Xmas also.
So I decide to not patronise my favorite store for awhile. Well its been 2 months since I went to my fav picking store. But I went today, and there she is..My Beautiful Frame..collected more dust and all I could see, was how good it would look with a TrEnvamp (revamp). Well I say to the manager, she's still here..she said "yes I don't understand why, its a beautiful pastel portait". I reply, "its a great work of art that is in the wrong frame, I'll buy it now and you can keep the pastel".
I offered half the price knowing full well what the reaction would be...boy, I was so wrong. I get a polite reply saying, oh..ok, and you can keep the picture too. My head starts playing Born to be Alive, that 70's Disco tune by Patrick Hernandez..This is my, you did it tune.
So I paid for My Beautiful Frame and took her home. Below are a few pictures of remembering, its going to get a TrEnvamp. I will of course blog soon about the TrEnvamp of My Beautiful Frame. Smiles...T

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