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Thursday, 17 January 2013

TrEnvy Australia Living Collection debuts continued..

So I lead off from yesterday's blog...Pattern making is done...from there I had spent many hours perusing fabric sites, and scouring fabric shops looking for unique, yet fashion/interior statement fabrics, some of which I couldn't justify their prices. I blame store owners not the designers, cause I know their not making the money they so deserve. Some of the fabrics were made in China too and cost more than an imported fabric from say Spain, US or even the UK.. (and again I digress). Once I received some of my imported fabric, like my most fav'd, the TrEnvy Retro Flamingo Fabric direct from the US or the Vintage Retro Bamboo fabric, I started to cut out panels and panels of fabric with my almost 17 year old Serra Sharp scissors, (and yes they are getting very blunt, but am happy to announce my gorgeous better half Mel, bought me a new pair for Christmas, yet to be Christened). So now I have loads of panels and squares cut, ready for the entrance of my trusty and old faithful Bernina sewing machine and Janome Overlocker which is pink..Not a mans choice of colour, but this, back in the day was all you could buy, quite sexist really, looking back even to the late 80's early 90's. So starts the venture into my TrEnvy Living Collection. Here are some pictures of these proceedings.

Our fav'd TrEnvy Retro Pink Flamingo fabric...HOT!
Panels of fabric sewn and overlocked at TrEnvy HQ!

Panels sewn and overlocked..

Great Vintage Fabrics Mambo and Vintage Islander Fabric


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