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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Joe Vickers Fine Surf Art comes Down Under to TrEnvy Australia

TrEnvy Australia is extremely excited to introduce to you surfer, and up coming fine artist, Joe Vickers. 

Joe Vickers was born and raised in Florida where his love of the ocean first began, he spent his former younger years surfing, fishing and diving, anything that brought him closer to the water.

   Joe Vickers in his element!

His other passion was drawing and constantly loved experimenting in various styles and media's. 
Joe later on moved to California, where the Pacific Coastline inspired him to combine both his passions of the Ocean and Art. The OC (Orange County, California) is where he now resides and Joe has now developed and fine tuned his own, truly unique, surf art style.

Most of Joe Vickers work is mixed media as Joe explained to me when we skyped, "I use a combination of water color, acrylic, gouache, pen and oil based paint pen. Recently, I've been painting and drawing on pieces of wood that I find and clean up." Joe is real recycler in the sense of the word.

Joes works are bold in colour and simplistic in style, great lines and a fusion of 70's Surf Art, meets Pop Surrealism. Its almost like taking a step back in time with the likes of artist/designer Pucci who is synonymous with geometric prints in a kaleidoscope of colours. Yet Joe's work is more reminiscent of our legendary Australian Surf Artist, Shane Egan. 

We have be given, very graciously from Joe Vickers, exclusivity to his works Down Under. 

We have a range of very Limited Edition Prints on beautiful high quality watercolour paper, which have extra hand embellishments and signed by Joe Vickers himself. 
Along with a few standard prints on the same high quality watercolour paper. 
These prints are taken directly from the originals on wood, reflecting even the wood grain on the print also, which is a unique aspect of Joe's work. 

Print sizes range from 11" x 14", 9" x 12" & 8" x 10" and upon receiving these amazing prints, in conjunction with the release of Joe Vickers Art to Down Under at TrEnvy Australia, we will be having an introductory giveaway with a small print of Joe Vickers Art.

If your interested in being one of the first Aussies to own a Joe Vickers Surf Print, email or inbox me via Facebook, email address is :

We look forward to showcasing Joe Vickers Fine Surf Art at TrEnvy Australia

    Swell Blossoms

   Rad Yellow Sunset

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